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Code Of Conducts

Dear Team of Himalay Ply

Our long-term success depends on many factors, nothing is more important than a commitment to our core values as represented in the Himalay Ply guiding principles.  It is our responsibility to know and live by these principles. 

We expect you to always act with absolute integrity and proper regard for the rights of others.  Put safety first and drive environmental excellence, while complying with all laws and regulations.  Stop, think and ask when you feel like something might not align with our Principles, or any law or regulation.

This starts with living by our Integrity, in harmony with the other guiding principles.  Doing so is essential to our creating virtuous cycles of mutual benefit that enable us to succeed by creating value for others. 

Our Code of Conduct is intended to help you make compliant and ethical decisions.  It answers many commonly asked questions, placing the emphasis on avoiding risks that could cause the most serious harm to people, the environment or the business.  

We want every employee, regardless of role or experience, to live by our guiding principles to get results.  Whether you have been with Himalay Ply for days or decades, maintaining and improving our Himalay Ply culture is your responsibility.  It’s what we expect of everyone at Himalay ply and what you should expect of your leaders.

Doing so requires a commitment to two-way challenge.  You must ask questions and/or raise concerns about any behavior that might violate our principles, whether it involves a peer or your supervisor.  This requires courage.  Without it we cannot act with integrity.  You must also go beyond being open to challenges and solicit them. 

As this Code of Conduct makes clear, living by the guiding principles is critical to our success.  We owe it to our families, our co-workers, our businesses, our customers, our communities and ourselves.  All our futures depend on it.


Chairman & Managing Director

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Himalay Ply was founded in the year 1957 in Gorakhpur with the name of Himalay Timber. Within a short span the brand name of Himalay Ply got popular across entire Purvanchal as the Leading Timber Supplier of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
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